4/12/19 – Being sick sucks. Also, update on idea.

The lack of confidence I have in my voice is taking a blow from being inaudible. The silent one silenced even further. Croaking like a frog. I hate it. 

On a lighter note (but not too high, as I won’t be able to say it otherwise), I have finally some clarity on what I want to do for a major work. I just don’t really know how in a sense valid it is. I want to look more into the comic as an autobiographical medium. Inspired by American Born Chinese, I want to discuss my own sense of identity through the comic book, as upon further reflection, what appeals me to the comic is the boundless versatility of the medium. In an independent comic there are few rules to be constricted by. 

My biggest concern is my own conflict with the validity of a project like this, as opposed to taking a topic and discussing it. I’m not sure how much I will be able to present at a level high enough to near Masters. I certainly don’t want to seem narcissistic or like an egomaniac either. But maybe that is my own lack of self-confidence and self-worth dictating how I should feel about myself and the value I hold. 

Furthermore, I feel like this might be the topic I’ve been thinking about all this time while on the course (and maybe even beyond that, in my life). In Manifesto I wrote about what art entails and how we can judge the metrics of art. In Navigators I wrote about the identity of London and yourself through food. In Artefact I wrote about the value of items through ownership. Even the topic of the research proposal being on cosplay has identity as a central point. While at first glance the topics might seem disconnected, I find that the main theme in all of them is this sense of identity. Identifying the artist, identity through food, imbuing identity onto objects, changing identity. 

First of all, what does identity even entail? How can one identify themselves and others? To what extent is identity formed by yourself and by your environment? I am lucky in a sense as I can talk about and see myself separately from other people’s opinions (though being Asian has its own setbacks and prejudices. This video touched upon many points I myself felt as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8_RMuTgjfY). 

Because of that I decided to draw a couple comics where I briefly talk about what my identity is/what identity means to me. I want to keep the style simple, so mostly simple line drawings and simple light colours. Mostly inspired by Yuasa Masaaki’s works (The Tatami Galaxy, Ping-Pong The Animation), as they resonate highly with me. (edit: the character designs and illustrations for The Tatami Galaxy and The Night is Short Walk on Girl are by illustrator Yusuke Nakamura who does amazing colourful works ♡)



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